OPERA, Type B Social Cooperative is established in January 2013 from the merger of Zanzibar and Servizipiù, due social cooperatives that both have deep roots in the Marche region, a decades-long history and a wealth of unquantifiable experiences and knowledge.

The Zanzibar social cooperative was founded in 2000 among the students and the organizational staff of a project for the development of entrepreneurship, funded by the Department of Social Affairs at the Presidency of the Council, addressed to categories at risk of social exclusion from the Department of Mental Health of the Local Health Unit of Ancona and from the Social Services of the Municipality of Ancona.

Consistent with the project assumptions, the Cooperative has designed and implemented a series of activities identified not only for the requirements of sustainability and business development - and with this in order to guarantee continuity of employment for its members - but also in consideration of the psychological impact and social sphere that they can transfer to the social structure.

From the beginning, Zanzibar is looking for partners who can contribute to the development of the cooperative, bringing management skills and experience, and are also available for direct involvement, so as to participate in its social composition (the COOSS Marche and TRE CI social cooperatives) , or as technical consultancy (P&M).

The Servizipiù social cooperative represents the continuity of over 30 years of cooperation history.

In 1980 the Giuseppe Di Vittorio Cooperative was founded, which over the years became the subject in which the Sanzio Cooperative and the Urbino Symposium Cooperative will enter, bringing new sectors of intervention, new skills and projects.

In 1999 the Di Vittorio Cooperative becomes the promoter of an action of spin off, that is, it gives birth to a new subject that, in the wake of the tradition of activities and the link with the territory, however, wants to underline its social value: the Servizipiù, type B Social Cooperative, is established.

In 2007, once the necessary size was reached, the social cooperative absorbed the mother cooperative, so that the Di Vittorio Cooperative merged by incorporation with the Social Cooperative Servizipiù which, at this point, fully acquired all the titles, services, features and skills from past history.